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Manage, back up, and restore the contents of your Android and iOS phones
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Keeping your smartphone free from unnecessary files and apps, de-duplicating your contact list, and cleaning your audio and video file collection neatly organized are maintenance tasks that need to be performed regularly. MoboPlay offers you a free Android and iOS management tool that makes all these otherwise cumbersome tasks easy and simple to carry out. Besides, it’ll help you back up and restore the entire contents of your device with just one click.

MoboPlay is actually a bundle of two apps – MoboPlay for Android and MoboPlay for iOS. You are free to install either or both of them, and thus cover all your and your family devices. If everything goes fine, connecting your device to MoboPlay for the first time will only require you to follow a few simple steps. Though limitedly tested for Android devices only, I must say that it didn’t work for me on all computers, but in those it did, it detected and connected to my smartphone right away.

MoboPlay is an all-in-one device manager with useful tools to locate and remove unnecessary and large files that may be clogging your smart phone, remove any installed and system apps, install any pending updates, manage and organize all your files by type, and manage your contacts and messages. The program comes with a toolbox where you will find some of its most powerful features – Backup, Restore, File Manager, and Space Cleaner. There’s also a Full-Screen viewing option and a Ringtone Maker, but – useful as they also are – I rank those lower in terms of functionality.

When backing up your device contents, you will be shown a list of data types that you can transfer to your PC and from there to a different platform if so desired and others that can only be restored to the same platform. The former group includes your contacts, SMS messages, call logs, and image files, while your installed apps and your music files belong to the latter. Just select the data types you wish to back up and the program will do it for you in a snap. Restoring your data is equally simple and straightforward.

To help you manage your device’s storage space, Space Cleaner offers you an APK Files Cleanup and a Large Files Cleanup, while Installed Apps and System Apps will list all the APKs on your device and will give you the option to uninstall them for good. Besides, you can check all your SMS messages comfortably from here and get rid of those you no longer need. Likewise, Contacts will let you check your directory and erase any duplicate contacts on your list. Videos, music files, wallpapers, image albums, and camera images have also their own entry in the Device menu, offering you an overview of your media collection and the possibility of cleaning it up from unwanted files easily and comfortably using your PC mouse and keyboard instead.

MoboPlay is a free tool that, together with the Android and iOS management tools mentioned above, offers you the possibility of discovering, downloading, and installing free apps and all kinds of games (including HTML5 games) on your devices. Regardless of the use you may make of it, if only for its data backup and restore capabilities this is certainly a tool worth having on your desktop.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Contacts and messages backup
  • Cleans up your device from useless files
  • Large file scanner
  • One-click backup and restore
  • App manager


  • No support for Windows Phone devices
  • Fails to connect to your phone on some computers
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